PA 07-23—sHB 7156

Public Health Committee


SUMMARY: This act (1) requires newly licensed hospices to provide hospice services in all settings and (2) sets conditions on the use of hospice-related titles and terms.

Under the act, an organization seeking an initial hospice license from the Department of Public Health (DPH) beginning January 1, 2008 must agree to provide hospice care services for terminally ill people on a 24-hour basis in all settings, including private homes, nursing homes, residential care homes, or specialized residences providing supportive services. It must also provide DPH with satisfactory evidence that it has the necessary qualified personnel to provide the services.

The act prohibits an organization from using the title “hospice” or “hospice care program” or any titles, words, letters, or abbreviations indicating or implying hospice licensure unless it is licensed to provide hospice services by DPH and certified as a hospice by Medicare.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2007

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