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The Office of Program Review and Investigations is the nonpartisan staff office that supports the oversight work of the bipartisan Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee. At the direction of the committee, PRI staff examines state programs and systems to determine efficiency, effectiveness, compliance with legislative purposes, and whether corrective actions, modification, or elimination are necessary.

The PRI committee continues to set its 2015 study agenda, while monitoring the status of legislation based on its 2014 studies completed in December. On February 11, 2015, the committee directed its staff to develop draft study scopes on three topics: regional cooperation between local boards of education; the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Office of Advocacy and Assistance; and economic development opportunities related to Hartford-Brainard Airport. Scopes on the first two topics were presented to PRI and approved on April 22, 2015. The third scope is pending.

Also on February 11, the committee directed its staff to look into the usefulness of studying the establishment of a defined contribution plan for state employees (similar to 401Ks). To that end, staff prepared a background memo about starting a defined contribution plan for discussion on April 22, after which the committee decided to not move forward with the topic.

On May 8, PRI received a presentation and report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s New England Public Policy Center (NEPPC) on measuring the non-school fiscal health of Connecticut municipalities using a “municipal gap.” This presentation was the culmination of collaboration between PRI and NEPPC that began in 2014.

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