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HealthFirst Connecticut Authority
The HealthFirst Connecticut Authority must:

1. examine and evaluate different alternatives for providing Connecticut residents with quality, affordable, and sustainable health care, including a single payer health care system and employer-sponsored health plans;

2. recommend ways to contain the cost and improve the quality of health care, including health information technology, disease management, and other initiatives to coordinate and improve the quality of care for people with chronic diseases; and

3. recommend ways to finance quality, affordable health care coverage, including ways to (1) maximize federal health care subsidies and contributions from employers, employees, and individuals and (2) finance the state's share of such coverage.

See  Sec. 30 of PA 07-185 and Sec. 67 of PA 07-2

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Contact Information:
      HealthFirst Connecticut Authority
      Room 3000, Legislative Office Building
      Hartford, CT 06106

      Phone: 860-240-5255
      Fax: 860-240-5306

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