Connecticut General Assembly
State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut | 06106

State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut | 06106

Connecticut General Assembly
State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut | 06106
Connecticut General Assembly Connecticut General Assembly
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ITS Teams

Site Support

The Site Support group provides a single point of contact for technology services at the General Assembly. This group provides assistance to the CGA community on any aspect of the CGALITES computer network and support for desktops, laptops, printers, applications and phones. During the legislative session, Site Support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. or until the Chambers adjourn.

During the interim, Site Support is available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

To place a call for assistance, dial x0000 (860-240-0000). To check for current system outages, call x8686 (860-240-8686).

IT Infrastructure

The Infrastructure group designs and supports the hardware and software foundation on which all other IT solutions for the CGA community and the public reside. In addition to IT research and development, this group sets its sights on the future of information technology in the Legislature.

Application Development

The Application Development group works closely with the legislative offices to complete a needs analysis, design, develop, and implement custom IT solutions. It also provides the development and support for the Connecticut General Assembly Legislative Information Technology Enterprise Services (CGALITES) Web sites and all Intranet and Internet applications.

Training and Documentation

ITS develops and provides training and documentation for the CGA's custom applications and third-party software products. Training is tailored to the needs of the audience. Specialized training is arranged upon request.

The ITS Training Room is equipped with a multimedia projector and computers for 12 students. More than 200 courses per year are taught on a wide variety of information technology topics.

ITS Directory

Name Position
Alderucci, Paul Development Manager
Allo, Jacquelyn Principal Analyst
Beckman, Dave Senior Analyst
Brochu, Kathryn Senior Analyst
Caroti, Bob Senior Analyst
Eigo, Gerry Senior Analyst
Fede, Becky Chief Analyst
Feole, Rino Principal Analyst
Galvin, Donna Senior Analyst
Ganzman, Tanya Senior Analyst
Gonzalez, Daniel Assistant Analyst
Gorborino, Jim Analyst
Grabka, Alfred Senior Analyst
Greene, Ken Director
Hammon, Paula Chief Analyst
Jalbert, Dan Manager
Johnson, Steve Principal Analyst
King, Sophie Sr. Administrative Services Coordinator
Listro, Dave Senior Analyst
Marsh, Susan Manager
McKeone, Erik Senior Analyst
Mockler, John Technology and Support Manager
Pennant, Ryan Senior Analyst
Pulsifer, Donna Analyst
Putnam, Tim Chief Analyst
Schyns, Roger Chief Analyst
Smith, Cheryl Manager