Connecticut General Assembly
State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut | 06106

State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut | 06106

Connecticut General Assembly
State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut | 06106
Connecticut General Assembly Connecticut General Assembly
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About the Program

Legislative Internship Program Mission

Recognizing the need to provide educational opportunities not typically available to students in the traditional academic setting, the Connecticut General Assembly has established an internship program to acquaint students with both the formal and informal aspects of the legislative process.

Accordingly, the program seeks to encourage a high level of personal interaction between legislators and interns, who serve as aides to their assigned legislators. A major objective of the program is to prepare interns to perform the necessary support services desired by the legislators for whom they are working; i.e. bill analysis and tracking, spot and in-depth research, drafting of news releases and speeches, liaison work, constituent casework, etc.

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Academic Component

Since the academic requirements of participating institutions of higher education may vary, each intern should arrange individually with his or her college or university for specific academic requirements and credits to be awarded for participation in the program. Students can earn up to twelve to fifteen credits for a full-time internship, and six to nine credits for a part-time internship.

Incoming interns are expected to participate in an intensive orientation program. During orientation interns will become familiar with the building and begin to acclimate to the work environment, receive an overview of the legislative process, an introduction to research techniques and resources, and other information necessary for the student to function as an intern. In addition, the internship program includes a series of projects designed to familiarize the intern with additional components of the political process which have an impact on the operation of the Connecticut General Assembly. Interns will be examined on the orientation materials, asked to submit weekly reflection papers, conduct interviews, and complete a bill tracking project for the session.

Program Administration

The Connecticut General Assembly Internship Program is administered by the bipartisan Committee on Legislative Staff Internships which has primary responsibility for the on-going operation of the internship program.

Day-to-day contact with interns, planning and implementation of the academic components of the program and monitoring of intern performance is carried out by the Program Director, who is an experienced professional in higher educational administration, academic advisement, and the teaching/learning process.


All undergraduate students who are attending two or four year institutions of higher education in Connecticut and state residents attending out-of-state colleges may apply to the program. Although students from all disciplines are considered, preference is given to upper-class students and students whose experience and academic background offer some preparation for the work they will undertake. In addition, some consideration is given to contributions which the applicant has made to his or her college and community.

Both full-time and part-time internships are available. Full-time interns are expected to work five days a week, regular working hours. Part-time interns are expected to work two full days a week.

For additional information,click here to see the job description for our Legislative Interns.

Selection and Placement

Selection is made by the Committee on Legislative Staff Internships. The Committee will interview candidates and decide who will be offered an internship, both full-time and part-time, to serve for the legislative session. Appointments will be announced in December following November interviews.

Interns are assigned to legislative leaders, committee chairs, ranking members and individual legislators. A workable and mutually beneficial relationship between legislator and intern is a major goal of the internship program.


The program takes place during the Spring semester. Start dates will vary based on a long or short session. The length of the program is based upon the amount of weeks required to fulfill the hourly requirements to receive academic credit.

Application Procedure

If interested in applying, you should do the following:

  1. Contact the designated Legislative Internship Program Advisor on your campus. Each school has different eligibility criteria and credit requirements. You must work with this advisor through the application process. (Click here to see the list of Advisors)

  2. Complete and submit the online application. The application for the coming program year will be posted in September 2015.
    • You will need to upload the following as part of your application:

    • a cover letter expressing your interest in applying for the internship
    • a one page resume that outlines your educational background, honors or recognition, work experience, activities, special skills, etc.
    • a transcript from the college that you currently attend. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. Applicants must complete at least 20 college credits by January 2015. The Internship Committee may require an updated transcript at the beginning of the internship if Fall 2014 classes are needed to meet this requirement.

    • Applications submitted without all four of the components above will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted.

  3. After you have submitted your online application, you must provide your Campus Advisor with two letters of recommendation from people who know you well and can provide an accurate view of your strengths and weaknesses, along with copies of the transcript you provided in your program application. Campus Advisors will complete and submit a Campus Advisor Recommendation Form each student applicant. This form will become part of your application. Without this form, your application will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted by the program.

    Unless stated otherwise, all materials are due to your Campus Advisor prior to, and no later than, the November 1st application deadline.