Legislative Internship Program Connecticut General Assembly

Future Interns


All undergraduate students who are attending two or four year institutions of higher education in Connecticut and state residents attending out-of-state colleges may apply to the program. Although students from all disciplines are considered, preference is given to upper-class students and students whose experience and academic background offer some preparation for the work they will undertake. In addition, some consideration is given to contributions which the applicant has made to his or her college and community.

Both full-time and part-time internships are available. Full-time interns are expected to work five days a week, regular working hours. Part-time interns are expected to work two full days a week.

For additional information, click here to see the job description for our Legislative Interns.

Selection and Placement

Selection is made by the Committee on Legislative Staff Internships. The Committee will interview candidates and decide who will be offered an internship, both full-time and part-time, to serve for the legislative session. Appointments will be announced in December following November interviews.

Interns are assigned to legislative leaders, committee chairs, ranking members and individual legislators. A workable and mutually beneficial relationship between legislator and intern is a major goal of the internship program.


The program takes place during the Spring semester. Start dates will vary based on a long or short session. The length of the program is based upon the amount of weeks required to fulfill the hourly requirements to receive academic credit.