Connecticut General Assembly
State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut | 06106

State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut | 06106

Connecticut General Assembly
State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut | 06106
Connecticut General Assembly Connecticut General Assembly
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Senate Members

District Name   Website Party Bills
S13 Bartolomeo, Danté D View List
S26 Boucher, Toni R View List
S05 Bye, Beth D View List
S04 Cassano, Steve D View List
S30 Chapin, Clark J. R View List
S02 Coleman, Eric D. D View List
S17 Crisco, Joseph J. D View List
S09 Doyle, Paul R. D View List
S25 Duff, Bob D View List
S34 Fasano, Leonard A. R View List
S29 Flexer, Mae D View List
S01 Fonfara, John W. D View List
S20 Formica, Paul M. R View List
S36 Frantz, L. Scott R View List
S06 Gerratana, Terry B. D View List
S23 Gomes, Edwin A. D View List
S35 Guglielmo, Anthony R View List
S15 Hartley, Joan V. D View List
S28 Hwang, Tony R View List
S32 Kane, Robert J. R View List
S21 Kelly, Kevin C. R View List
S12 Kennedy, Ted D View List
S07 Kissel, John A. R View List
S03 Larson, Timothy D. D View List
S27 Leone, Carlo D View List
S33 Linares, Art R View List
S11 Looney, Martin M. D View List
S16 Markley, Joe R View List
S31 Martin, Henri R View List
S18 Maynard, Andrew M. D View List
S24 McLachlan, Michael A. R View List
S22 Moore, Marilyn D View List
S19 Osten, Catherine A. D View List
S14 Slossberg, Gayle S. D View List
S10 Winfield, Gary A. D View List
S08 Witkos, Kevin D. R View List