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Vote Tally Sheets - 2014

Vote Tally Sheets are a written record of a roll call vote taken at a committee meeting. The documents are listed here in bill number order and will open in a new window when you access them.

HJ-00019 [pdf] HJ-00056 [pdf] HJ-00057 [pdf] HJ-00059 [pdf]
HJ-00060 [pdf] HJ-00061 [pdf] HJ-00062 [pdf] HJ-00063 [pdf]
HJ-00064 [pdf] HJ-00065 [pdf] HJ-00068 [pdf] HJ-00069 [pdf]
HJ-00070 [pdf] HJ-00071 [pdf] HJ-00072 [pdf] HJ-00073 [pdf]
HR-00007 [pdf]
SJ-00019 [pdf] SJ-00019 [pdf] SJ-00019 [pdf] SJ-00020 [pdf]
SJ-00021 [pdf] SJ-00025 [pdf] SJ-00027 [pdf] SJ-00028 [pdf]
SJ-00029 [pdf] SJ-00030 [pdf] SJ-00032 [pdf] SJ-00033 [pdf]
SR-00005 [pdf] SR-00005 [pdf] SR-00006 [pdf] SR-00008 [pdf]
SR-00011 [pdf] SR-00013 [pdf] SR-00014 [pdf] SR-00015 [pdf]
SR-00016 [pdf] SR-00017 [pdf] SR-00019 [pdf] SR-00020 [pdf]

These documents can also be accessed via Legislative Document Search

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